• See No Evil
    See No Evil
    • Don’t search for inappropriate content
    • Close and/or remove inappropriate content if it accidently appears
    • Remove inappropriate content, if possible, if part of content being used (such as a video)
    • Report Cyberbullying and Bullying
  • Hear No Evil
    Hear No Evil
    • Don’t listen to inappropriate content
    • Shut off, mute, or remove inappropriate audio content whenever possible
    • Report inappropriate use (such as hacking)
    • Report if you hear about inappropriate use, bullying or cyberbullying, threats, etc.
  • Speak No Evil
    Speak No Evil
    • Don’t disclose confidential personal student information to unauthorized individuals
    • Don’t engage in cyberbullying and bullying of any kind
    • Do educate on Cyber Safety
    • Do speak out against inappropriate activity
  • Send No Evil
    Send No Evil
    • Don’t text, email, publish, upload, blog and/or tweet inappropriate content.
    • Don’t text, email, publish, upload, blog and/or tweet comments and content harmful to others (Cyberbullying)
    • Do educate on the dangers of cyberbullying and other inappropriate activities.

Suzanne the Cyber Monkey welcomes you to the Rush County Schools Cyber Safety Page!


Be sure to have a look around as this page will be updated with new and engaging cyber safety content!  Suzanne and the cyber monkeys are hard at work to deliver you the best in cyber safety and cyber awareness materials to use in your classrooom!


This page is brought to you with support from our local Students Against Destructive Decisions Chapter!


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